Phil and Linda Chearmonte currently reside in Amherst, NY with two surviving sons, Michael (Age 23), and PJ (Age 13) and two Labrador Retrievers (Stryker & Bailey). Typical suburban family life changed suddenly and drastically on February 23rd, 2010 when their second born son Joe took his own life one week after his 17th birthday.  While this devastating tragedy is very difficult to discuss and comprehend, Phil and Linda feel the only positive outcome from their story is to help other young people, families, and community become aware of the serious nature of this issue. The experience has led them to embark on a new lifelong mission to help eliminate the stigma surrounding the issues of teen depression and suicide. Through advocacy and participation in dedicated organizations, Phil and Linda will continue to enhance awareness, promote prevention, and guide anyone needing assistance to seek support from qualified professionals, organizations and agencies.

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